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40 Hours of PRAYER!

Being Transformed - Mako Fuimara

Being Transformed – Mako Fuimara

The 40 hour prayer event is extended through Lent, which ends Thursday, March 24.

You may come on a day, evening or weekend that is convenient for you. Individuals, couples and families with children over aged 7 are encouraged to participate.

This is an opportunity for our church to come together in focused prayer for each other, our families, our church and our world.

Please contact Emily Faison at the church office to set up a time and get specifics. emily@allgather.org or 919-797-2884 (Mon 8-2, wed 9:30-12:30). Other days 919-375-2115.

Take this time to come before God in a quiet space. Questions? Contact Laura Yost-Grande at laurajyg@gmail.com.