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A friend of mine who was extremely successful in the computer industry often wished he were a farmer.

He longed for a less stressful job.

A friend of mine who was a farmer was usually under enormous stress. Nature is a pretty demanding boss, it turns out. His wife could not remember when he had last had a day off.

This Labor Day Sunday at the Gathering Church we are going to take a breath and consider An Alternative way of doing life. From Psalm 127: 1,2 a critical principle about work and one about rest are described.

Turns out that how we experience the normal stresses of work and life is a choice.

But, it is a choice that is impossible to make unless we understand how work works.

In order to rest well we must know how to work well. Otherwise, we will always find it hard to turn off the motor. We will have to find some other noises that are louder. And, even if we call those things recreation they will not really re-create us.

Let’s come together in the presence of God this Sunday and ask God to teach us, to guide us, to refresh us.