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A Great Day!

Our outdoor, early-morning Easter gathering was great!  What a perfect setting the Aqueduct Retreat Center was as  we got to the top of the path and saw that view.  It was fun watching people stop in their tracks and behold God’s sanctuary.  Many thanks to Drew and Liza Howell for welcoming us.

And the turnout- wow – just a preview of what God is calling us to.

God is obsessed with breathing life into that which is dead.  It always amazes me that the resurrection of Jesus was not jsut something that the first Christians witnessed and believed – it was something that they experienced.  They were made alive.  And their new life became contagious, compelling.

As our no-name church continues to take shape, we want to be part of God’s resurrecting movement in this world, in the lives of others.  We  want to reject faux-life and live for the one who died for us.

My father taught me a long time ago that some Christians watch God work while others join God at work.  What a privilege that God invites us to be part of his movement in this world.

We meet again this coming Sunday from 5-7, as we continue to prepare for God’s work among us and through us.

What excites you about what God is doing?



  1. I’m sorry to have missed Easter with our new church group! However, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend it with my family at the beach. We attended a beachside sunrise Easter service that was just glorious. I am thrilled that there was such a wonderful turnout for the gathering-no-name-yet church group. It really feels like there is a need for this and I am so thankful to God and Mark and Libby and all the people who are helping to make it happen!

  2. More than 80 people for Easter. It’s only been a few weeks since this church was for sure going to happen. Why is the incredible power of Christ’s salvation is so easy to forget? We focus on all the obstacles and challenges in our lives when we have a front row seat to see how the Lord will work it all out! I think it’s because Satan is soooo dedicated. In Matthew when Jesus is speaking of his pending death, Peter said surely not you. Jesus snapped back at him “go away from me Satan! You are but a stumbling block to me.” If he could get at Peter while he was sitting with Jesus, we’re sitting ducks! Thanks be to God that grace is a gift.

  3. Mike Raabe says:

    What an Awesome time Easter morning was celebrating Christ’s Power over death!!! Outside appreciating his creation, while joining with people I knew and people I didnt to focus and celebrate on His victory. The whole day was a gift for sure!

    I really have appreciated the family that this community of believers is becoming and am very excited about sharing that love and fun with people who are not experiencing true life full of God’s Grace and Power yet.