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A New Church . . . . An Old Message


Why was it that people who found religion totally irrelevant, found Jesus totally  irresistible?

Why would Jesus invite a totally irreligious person to follow him and eventually help to announce the coming of God’s kingdom?  (Matthew 9:9-14)

With a great group of people I am starting a new church in the Chapel Hill/Durham area that will attempt our best to not only answer these questions, but experience the realities they represent.

We don’t have a name yet for this church, but we are meeting each Sunday night to pursue a purpose that has us in its grip:  to love people incredibly  well, as Jesus did, especially those who might seem far from God.

This Easter we will be having an outdoor service, light breakfast, and Easter Egg Hunt at the Aqueduct Center, 1620 Mount Carmel Church Road, Chapel Hill at 8:00 am.  All are welcome!

If you would like more information about this new ‘no-name’ church, email me at markacuff@gmail.com.