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A Question

In heaven, I would like to ask him a question.


Not God.  Not Jesus.  I’ll have plenty of questions for them.  Or maybe not.  Who knows, perhaps just seeing them will trump every possible question. 


But, I would like to ask Peter a question.


What made you get out of the boat?


The gospel writer, Mark, says that Jesus seeing Peter and his brother, Andrew, casting their nets, stopped and told them to follow him.


And immediately they left their nets and followed him.  Mark 1:18


It was as if there were an emergency or something.  When have you suddenly dropped what you were doing and become laser-focused on something else?  It usually takes a kid screaming to get us to jump like that.


You, too, Andrew, James and John.  Why did you get out of the boat?


What was so compelling?


Jesus hadn’t done anything yet.  Except make an announcement that the time was fulfilled, and that the kingdom of God was near.


What made you do it, Peter?


To be honest, I don’t think that that is my real question.  Just a starter question.  My real question?


How can I live with that kind of urgency?


How can Jesus’ call to me matter that much?


It seems like life is too urgent already – in the wrong kinds of ways.  Seems like we all want to reduce the rpms of a life stressed out with false urgencies.  Got to get there, do that, chase this, get our kids to this activity, and on and on.  Those urgent, but not really important things drive us crazy. 


Do we really need any more urgency?


Only if the kingdom of God is near.  Only if the one announcing it is saying, “Let’s go.”


Lord, may we live with the urgency of your call, of the kingdom being near.  With the crisis of opportunity because you are at work redeeming a broken world.  May our focus be sharpened by where you will lead us today. May we follow you like it’s an emergency.  Today.