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A sure sign that Jesus is alive in a church is that children get blessed.

And who would not want children to be blessed?

Well, actually, the disciples of Jesus thought that children were a distraction and disruption to the important kingdom work of Jesus.

Check out the story that begins in Matthew 19:13. Parents were attempting to bring their children to Jesus so that he could bless them, but the disciples forbid them to do so. It says that they actually rebuked the parents.

Jesus rebukes his disciples and not only blessed the children but declared that they represent the model of how to receive the kingdom.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will celebrate children by letting them bless us in their annual Christmas music presentation. Their music is always a highlight of our Advent experience.

I hope that you will be there to encourage them and cheer them on. And also your own heart will be softened in a very good way by allowing children to demonstrate the love and joy of Christ’s birth.

Invite another family to come with you.

See you Sunday.