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I was excited when he asked me to go with him.


Leighton Ford, a great speaker with the Billy Graham Association invited me, along with a couple of other young pastors to go with him to a lunch for business leaders in downtown Boston.  Leighton was the guest speaker.  He would talk about the value of following Christ.  Years earlier I had first heard him speak at Duke Chapel.  Billy Graham always said that Leighton was the smart one, that he wished he had the education that Leighton had.  The claims of Christ sounded so credible and compelling when Leighton spoke.


I don’t remember what else I had planned for that day, but it didn’t matter.  I couldn’t believe I was going to get to do this.  Suddenly, these other pastors and myself were special because we were with Leighton.  Afterwards, it was even more special as we sat on a bench on the Boston  Commons, eating a hot dog, debriefing the lunch experience.  Leighton was relaxed and eager to get our observations.  He was glad to have company.  And we were glad to be his company.


How interesting that the first thing Jesus did after beginning his public ministry was to invite Peter, Andrew, James and John to be with him.  Jesus wanted company.  Mark 1:16-20


How incredible it is that the only way to truly be a Christian is to be in the company of Jesus.  That’s pretty wild when you think about it.  A lot different than just trying to live up to some spiritual rules and morals.


In the company of Jesus.  That makes you pretty special, especially when you realize that Jesus is alive and active today, going places, engaging people, blessing lives.


What if one of the places Jesus goes is your family?  Your job?  Your school?  Your medical ward?  What do you think that he plans to do there?


Lord, give us eyes to see where you are going.  To see what you are doing, so that we can follow.  You want my company today, and that amazes me.  Forgive me for living mindlessly of that reality.  May I see you.