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“I wish I could say something bad about him, but I can’t.”

That’s what a friend said to me yesterday about someone who had been an antagonist at work, frequently having a different point of view and turning projects into battles.

It seemed to me that she could easily have said something bad about this person but she chose not to.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church the series A Good Life continues in Romans 12:14-21.  The Bible is such an honest book that it does not ignore one of the most common factors of life:  people who are against us.

What do you do about those people?

Avoid and ignore is the easiest strategy.

Conquer and eliminate may work depending on your temperament.

What about bless and reward?

Who would do that?

Who could do that?

How is it possible to be so secure that you never have to really worry about your own interests?

A huge experience with God may have something to do with that.