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Home Groups

At the Gathering Church, we believe in fostering an environment where we can be both intentional and authentic with God and with others. Home groups offer a structure for gathering throughout the week to connect with God, encourage each other, and to love our community the way that Jesus does . You’ll be surprised what knowing others and being known by others will do for your faith. We invite you to connect more deeply with God and with those around you by joining one of these communities and by sharing life together.

Doing life together means DISCOVERING  more about God’s story and our place in it.

Doing life together means SHEPHERDING and caring for the needs of those within our home groups.

Doing life together means EXTENDING MERCY to those with whom we come in contact that are in need of God’s love and healing.

As we launch our home groups this fall, we ask you to embrace and develop your role in the body of Christ.  Join us as we pray, dream, and work in unity together.  We welcome you to your home group community.

Contact us for more information on available home groups.