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Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre

Lake Victoria, Kenya  |  www.ggcckenya.com

Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre (GGCC) is on Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria in Kenya. Over four hundred students are currently enrolled at the Christian-based school, where they consistently exceed the national average for end-of-year test scores.

The students at GGCC are among the poorest of the poor from Mfangano and the surrounding islands. Up to 65% of the people depend on government assistance for daily sustenance, and 60% of pregnant women are infected with HIV. The number of orphans increases each year as parents die from this disease.

Why Gethsemane?

Scripture tells us that Christ, our Savior, experienced agony and distress at a place called Gethsemane. The victory He won there, His death on the cross, and His resurrection bring hope and joy for all mankind. It is our desire, by meeting the spiritual and educational needs of the Suba children, to replace the sorrows of sickness and poverty with joy and hope for the future.

The Vision

To give hope to, and empower, children who are victims of poverty and HIV/AIDS by providing them with a quality, Christian-based education.

The Challenge

Poverty, disease, hopelessness. These are the words that describe the lives of the majority of orphans in Kenya today. As the AIDS epidemic ravages families, children are left with no one to care for their most basic physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. But through Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre, you have the power to change their life stories.

At Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre, the orphans that so many others have forgotten find a home.  They find a new life story, where food, shelter, education and spiritual growth are provided through the prayers, assistance and support of people like you.

The orphans in Kenya need the hope found at Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre, and your support plays a vital role in offering that hope to them today.  You can ensure that the Centre meets the challenge of providing for their basic life needs.

There are many ways you can make a difference in the life stories of these children.  Through prayer, volunteer assistance, and financial support, you can ensure that no child is ever turned away.


Amman, Jordan  |  www.questscope.org

Thank You from Questscope from Questscope on Vimeo. (2016)

Questscope is dedicated to transforming the future of vulnerable youth and communities in the Middle East––by equipping them with the resources and hope they need to become compassionate and productive citizens.

The following values guide their work:

Putting the Last First

Every Questscope project focuses on Putting the Last First–creating a second chance and better life for dropouts, street kids, vulnerable women, refugees, and others.

Doing What Works

Over two decades, Questscope has developed well-tested methods that work in Middle East communities. They rigorously evaluate each project to keep improving these methods.

Starting from the Ground Up

Beneficiaries and partner communities shape each project, and they remain their primary focus.

Collaborative Ownership

All Questscope projects engage the resources of beneficiaries, community groups, volunteers, larger institutions, and policy makers. All have a strong stake in the project’s success.

Questscope accomplishes its mission in three ways—by directly operating programs in Jordan, by building the capacity of other organizations to do similar work, and through an international network that brings new resources to the task.

For over 20 years, these elements have proved critical in assisting individuals and communities to change—finding a way out of poverty, dead ends, and despair.

Holistic Approach

Questscope initiatives provide opportunities, resources and support for social, educational, vocational, emotional and spiritual development.

Pro-Social Communities

Individuals who experience new ways of thinking, living and relating make it possible (and necessary!) for institutions around them to respond positively. They advocate for policy decisions that affirm the initiatives led by changed individuals.

Program Excellence

Questscope has developed highly participatory methodologies on the ground in the Middle East, making a difference from the bottom up: access to alternative education, encouragement through mentoring, opportunities for vocational training, working together with community partners, advocating for restorative justice, and fostering spiritual formation. Each methodology is rigorously evaluated to learn how to continually improve the ongoing impact.