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“Why would you waste your life doing that?  You’re an intelligent guy.  You should be doing something else.”

So said a university instructor when a friend of mine asked him to write a recommendation letter for an application to seminary.  The two had become friends so it was a genuine question.

It required an explanation.

Do you know what one of the surest signs is that you are living in God’s Story and not your own?

Something about your life will not make sense.

Sooner or later it will require an explanation.

And if you have never had to give an explanation to anyone about your life that doesn’t require God as part of the answer, then whatever you are doing probably isn’t really connected to what God is doing.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will look at one of the many explanations that the Apostle Paul had to give about his life.  Found in Acts 25:23-26:32, it is a moment where the stakes are pretty high.  Paul has been arrested for causing trouble in Jerusalem and is appearing before the highest Roman authorities in the area.

One doesn’t have to be an apostle, or like my friend, be applying to seminary, to have a story to tell about what God has done in their life – to need an explanation of how they are spending their life.

What’s your story?

Or better yet, what story is God working in you?