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Durham Public Schools notified us Friday that their weather policy closes down facilities for the weekend when school has been canceled on Friday.  This will prevent us from gathering this Sunday (2/16) morning.  We figured if Duke couldn’t get their buses to the Dean Dome, Creekside might be iffy.

Take the opportunity to stay in as a family, use Psalm 16 as a devotional guide, or maybe take a look at the passage in Acts that we’ll postpone till next week. Or visit another local church and enjoy worshiping with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Think of folks at the church you’re connected to (or more importantly, those not very connected) and help spread the word. Post on Facebook and Twitter. Phone a friend. Call folks in your home group.

I hope everyone made it through the winter storm safely and the end of this week was a time of fun and refreshment.

I look forward to seeing everybody next Sunday!