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Courtney Graham is Fostering!

The time has come, I am officially licensed as a foster parent! This
means that at any time I could be called and asked to take a child into
my home either very temporarily (i.e. for a weekend) or until further
notice (up to 2 years). I so appreciate all the support and prayers I
have received from so many of you in the past few months, and want to
provide some practical ways to help now that things are a bit more

1) If you have books or toys for children under 5, I would love to start
to gather some at my house.

2) If you are willing to be a person I can contact for “emergent” needs
PRE placement (i.e. “I’m getting a child tomorrow can you please grab
some diapers and drop them at my house?)

3) If you are willing to be a go-to person DURING a placement (i.e. “we
are sick at home and need some soup!)

Contact Courtney for more information!