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Get Wise.

These two words sum up a major focus of this middle section of the Bible known as the “Wisdom Books.”

And wisdom’s a funny thing.  Most of us assume we want it, don’t know how to get it, and in some sense can’t just conjure it up on our own.  It’s hard-fought but also well-worn.  Even Solomon, one of and maybe THE, wisest people that ever lived settled into the depressing realization of just how futile a chase after wisdom can be.

What’s interesting is that for all of wisdom’s paramount importance, instead of being given a recipe, a business plan, or a road map, the Bible talks about wisdom with poetry.  It’s through this kind of “heart-language,” that we get wise.  It’s through psalms, proverbs and songs that our hearts begin to be revealed and we start to really see what we want and if what we want matches up with what’s true, good, and beautiful.  What’s ultimate.  And most importantly Who is all of these things.