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God as Support Staff

We all want life to go well, right? Of course. Overcoming challenges, maximizing opportunities, eliminating pain, being well – all those things sound good to me. Bring it on, God. Isn’t that your job? To make my life go well?

I have to admit, it’s hard not to think of God as the COO of my company. The Chief Operating Officer of my company. Sure, my theology would never let me admit that. I could tell you easily that I exist to worship God, because in theory that is my commitment. But, my expectations and my prayers suggest a reality that is a little different, a reality that looks like I’m the Chief Executive Officer and God is my staff.

For instance, preparing a sermon on Matthew 11:27-30 where Jesus issues an invitation, “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest,” I noticed that my first response is, “Great, rest is always a good thing. It helps me to sustain the pace and product management of my life.” “Thanks, Jesus, for keeping me going. I’ll certainly come to you for some rest. How else can I do everything I’m trying to do.”

Hmmm . . . . Here’s the deal, though. The passage makes it clear that Jesus is not interested in supporting my life. He’s determined to transform my life. Because the invitation is to take on his “yoke”, and to “learn” from him. Now that you mention it, that is what it means to be a “disciple” of Jesus – a learner from him.

So obvious, huh? Check yourself. How many of your prayers are “Help me,” prayers instead of “Teach me,” prayers. Don’t get me wrong. We better ask him for help, but it starts with wanting to learn from him. Without that, we are simply asking him to support the foolish life we want.

How’s your resting these days? How’s your learning.