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Great Sunday

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a sucker for enthusiasm.  I love seeing people get excited, especially when the excitement has anything to do with God.  So, yesterday’s Easter celebration at the Gathering Church was great.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it special.  The music, the decorations, the Easter egg hunt, the food – all of it helped us to celebrate well the resurrection of Jesus.  Libby and I had a bunch of family with us who enjoyed meeting everyone.  We enjoyed meeting the families and guests of others.  It was just great fun.

I’m convinced that the good experiences we have on days like yesterday are a preview of heaven, just a warm-up to the full joy of seeing Christ, being with God, and being with the great family of God.  Good days are a hint of what’s to come, even a deposit of the real ting.

A pre-taste of that fulfillment motivates me to do three things:  live above the little trivial passions, and challenges of this world, love and enjoy the ones I’m with, and find ways to include others in the party.

It’s just that much fun.  And what Christ has done is just that great.  And all of it is better with others.

Thanks for being part of this celebration.