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Unbelievable . . . . . . . Three million people losing everything needed to live in a matter of seconds.  Countless dead or trapped beneath the rubble.

Lord, what can we do?

Our first response – prayer.  Pray for those trapped, that they may be rescued.  Pray for those without food, water, shelter, medicine.  Pray for those organizing relief efforts.  Pray that infrastructures, systems, everything needed to funnel the help will be remarkably set up in the face of devastation and chaos.

Next – Give.  Two organizations I have great confidence in are:

  • Samaritan’s Purse, the humanitarian ministry led by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son.
  • World Relief, a ministry that has a great history of responding.

Long-Term – Go, or support others who can go.  There may be need or opportunity for some of us to go and help rebuild.  Some of you in the medical field may need to go right away.  Let’s pay attention to organizations around us who need people to go with them.

The Gathering Church wants to learn how to love incredibly well the people of Haiti.

Lord, guide us.