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I am excited to welcome Will Acuff back to the Gathering Church to teach this Sunday, the 3rd Sunday in Advent.

Will is the Director, and along with his wife, Tiffany the co-founder of Corner to Corner, a Christian nonprofit located in East Nashville and an organization that our church has supported.

Will and Tiffany planted their family and ministry in a neighborhood that daily battles the challenges of economic and educational disparities, mass incarceration, racial reconciliation and gentrification. Corner to Corner exists to extend the hope of Jesus to every corner of their community through Gospel word and loving deed.

Will always brings an inspiring challenge when he speaks to us. This Sunday he will speak on the Advent theme of Joy.

There will also be an Open House on Sunday night, 7:00 pm at our house 103 Hogan Ridge Court to learn more about Corner to Corner.

Will and Tiffany will also share their insights on how to best contribute to racial reconciliation. As followers of Christ we have a unique opportunity to be part of the solution of an issue that is affecting our nation.

How might we experience and express the joy of Christ’s Advent in a world like ours.

This will be a special Sunday.

Invite a friend.


PS. Oh, yes, Will is our son and we are proud of what Tiffany and he are doing.