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I was praying and then…

More than once I have heard someone say these words as they were describing a time when they heard something from God.

When we pray it often feels like a one-way conversation. We have a need or a concern we hope God will do something about. We hope that God hears us.

But, sometimes it becomes clear that God wants to say something to us. It may come as a surprising insight, or some particular guidance. Whatever, it makes all the difference in the world.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church the focus will be Hearing God: Prayer. Prayer is meant to be a conversation, but, we have to recognize God’s part in it. Luke 24:13-32 tells the story about two people who were in a conversation with Jesus but did not recognize him.

How do we develop a conversational relationship with God?

How can we recognize God’s voice?

All good relationships depend on conversation. It is impossible to share love and encouragement without conversation.

Matter-of-fact, how about making this Sunday a time of conversation with God? Tell God right now that you plan to meet Him as His family gathers.