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It has been fun to watch the Olympics these past two weeks, although not good for getting sleep.

There have been some unbelievable moments of triumph, most notably with Simone Biles, the U.S. gymnast who won four gold and one bronze medal.

She nailed most all of her routines, especially the floor routine exactly as she had imagined.

She had a vision of that moment that had shaped all of her preparation. It defined the focus of her life for the last four years.

She couldn’t wait.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will focus on God’s Ultimate Vision for us. Found in the last few verses of Psalm 23 (5-6) it has the potential to shape how we live today.

This familiar Psalm moves from a green pasture to a threatening valley to a banquet table.

God is the host and we are the guests.

It is hard to imagine how much joy God experiences when he gets to share all that he has with us.

What does it mean that God’s goodness and mercy are basically chasing us towards this great celebration?

God’s vision is never meant to make us deny the struggles, challenges, and broken hearts we experience now.

Instead, we can honestly engage them, but with the potential of strength, grace and hope.


Because God is in the lead.

Surely is the word we cling to.

This Sunday let’s practice for the great outcome towards which God is leading us.

Let’s celebrate his leadership now.