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New Church Developing

· We seek to experience, share, and teach the extravagant grace of God which transforms the lives of our members, our friends, and all who seek Him.

· We strive to love people incredibly well, as Jesus did, by accepting each other as we are, by serving people at their point of need, and by creating a safe environment where hospitality, love, and belonging are available to all.

· We encounter God through passionate worship, through cultural relevance and engagement, through service to the local community and the larger world, and through accepting and sharing God’s ongoing mercy and forgiveness.

· We will focus on demonstrating and sharing the message of grace with those who feel far from God and with those whose longings for God have not been satisfied through common religious experience.


  1. I understand some people may respond when they hear about a new church by saying “not another church.”
    EXACTLY! Not another church!
    I grew up in a formal church. I carried the cross and or the candles on either side. I wore the black and white outfit in the chorus. What the point of the burning ball of incense on Christmas I still don’t know! Seemed to me like a fire hazard having an older fella in a loose fitting robe swinging a all of fire. Mostly I remember hating going. Stand, sit kneel, feel bad about your self cause you’re a sinner.
    Here’s the thing; Jesus forgives, he doesn’t condemn. If church has kept you from knowing God, please gather with us.