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No Longer.

The resurrection of Jesus caused a break between everything that had happened before that event and everything that could happen after it.

Death was defeated.  The power of sin was cancelled – once and for all.

A new age had dawned.

Life could now be different.

But everything still looked the same.

Not to those who believed the message about Jesus.  Not to those in the grip of the Gospel.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will have An Easter PS as we look at how life was radically re-calibrated.

There was a new reason to be alive.  There was a new compelling motivation for life.

But the new meant the death of something old.  Former motivations no longer fit.

The Apostle Paul’s life did not make sense according to the normal motivations for life.  An explanation was required.

How is it possible to have a life that requires an explanation?

Aren’t the normal motivations of life necessary and even inescapable?

Have you ever wished that the love of Christ was more in control of your life?

Perhaps after those moments when you proved that self-interest was still leading the way.

What do you hope will explain your life?

For starters, let’s worship together this Sunday.