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Now I know that God…

There is a phrase that changed the world. It still would if we had more occasion to use it. Especially when it involves God.

It is something that Peter said. And it comes as an admission that would give the Good News of Christ to the whole world.

“Now I know that God…”

To say that phrase a person has to admit that they don’t know everything about God. Or worse, that what they know about God has to change.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we look at the account of what could be called a massive paradigm shift. Found in Acts 10:34-11:18 it is the story of Peter doing something unthinkable: entering into the home of a Gentile.

God makes him do it. And then God does something unthinkable. God gives those Gentiles the same gift he had given Peter and the other apostles: the Holy Spirit.

What if Peter had said, “No way!” when asked to do what he had never done before?

One of the surest signs that we are Living in God’s Story is that sooner or later we have to say, “Now I know that…“ God changes something that we thought we knew.

Have you ever had that happen?