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One of the oddest things about God is also one of the best.

He chooses to speak through people.

What a risk.

Sure, it is more than okay when he spoke through Jesus, the Word. But, then Jesus makes the same choice: to speak his truth, grace and love through others.

The implication?

It is impossible to hear all that God wants to say to us unless we are vitally connected to others.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we continue a series on Hearing God by looking at how we hear God through relationships. We will look at some specific instructions in Colossians 3:15-17.

We need to start with being honest. Who has time for building relationships? If you have kids there is no way that you can hardly even notice someone unless they have kids and are at the same events, on the same team, in the same class.

Surviving our schedules is the best most of us can do. Don’t expect us to actually know someone.

Be in position to teach and encourage one another?

Somebody might be depending on me to hear Christ speak to them?

It is incredible when it happens.

It is life-saving when we need it.

How can we be the Body of Christ by connecting to one another?

Let’s take a step towards God this Sunday by taking a step towards one another.