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Peace Sounds Kind of Boring

Peace is the theme of the Fourth Sunday of Advent.

The angels announced peace to the shepherds.  “Prince of Peace” was one of the names Isaiah, the prophet gave the promised Messiah (Luke2:14, Isaiah9:6).

But, let’s be honest.  Peace sounds kind of boring, like what you have when nothing exciting is going on.  Sure, we would all like less stress, but doesn’t adrenaline make us feel more alive?  And who gets any thing done when they’re all peaceful.

On the other hand, think of how much we do in life because we don’t feel either safe or secure.  Reportedly we are the most addicted and mediated adult cohort in history.

Think about it.  How many nights are your last thoughts before drooping off to sleep, if you can sleep at all, something about how safe and secure you are, how much peace you experience?

Of all seasons, Christmas is certainly the one that generates more stress than peace.  (Like I’m in a hurry to get this post done so I can go get something for a Christmas party tonight.)

And what if you happen to notice how desperately un-peaceful this world is.  What if you lived in Syria?

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we will look at a description of the peace that matters the most.  Read out Romans 5:1-5.

One of the most remarkable things about those who first believed in Jesus was the peace they enjoyed.  Ironically their new faith created anything but peace, yet they had the potential to live above and beyond both the internal chaos and the external turmoil of a broken world.  But, their peace helped them to be radically engaged in that world.

What was it about their experience with God that made peace possible?

This Sunday, let’s celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace.