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Practicing Childhood




As we continue our study of worship in Paul’s letter to the Romans, titled “First Things First,” this week we’ll explore part of Romans 8.  Up until now, Paul has tried to show us how human beings’ main problem, main thing that has gone haywire, is our worship.  We worship all the time but the wrong things in the wrong ways.  But God has done something preposterous, he’s thrown a wrench in our inability to worship.  And this gracious act turns us from slaves and enemies into friends.


But not just friends…family…kids…children of God!


How hard is it to conceive of yourself in this grown-up world as a child of God?


How difficult to relearn and practice what it means to enjoy God this way!  Try to remember when you were a kid, before you felt any kind of pressure to be a good kid or to make your parents love you.


Remember when all being a child entailed was trust, vulnerability, transparency, honesty.


This Sunday we’ll learn some key tactics we can take (hint: these tactics are more of a
“letting go” than a “taking up”) to practice our childhood.  To practice being the sons and daughters of God we’ve become in Christ.