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Sermon input day – but since service got canceled last Sunday, I’m still looking at the same topic:  What Do We Most Need to Know About Ourselves?

As I consider the stories in the Gospels about people who had the best connection to Christ, one thing stands out about what they most knew about themselves:  their need for God’s work in their lives.

The people who seemed unable to connect with Christ were totally unaware of their need for God.  Matter-of-fact, they thought that God needed them.  For worship, for purity, for getting other people in line, for saving the world.

They didn’t know why they needed God?

So, why do we need God?  More people are writing than ever that we don’t need God, that the concept of needing an external being of supreme power is crippling to the human potential, or worse, supportive of bigotry and violence.  There’s a whole section in my local Barnes and Noble dedicated to the non- or anti-God books.

Do we really need God?  And if so, why?

Why do you need God in your life?  Where does God really matter?


  1. Maybe this question is connected to wisdom, or pride & humility. I am thinking of what the world knows as famous spiritual gurus. Take Gaundi and Mother Teressa, Famous around the world right? Well if you told them how wise they were they would have said "No, no, I have so much more to learn." I think Paul writes that a lot too. When people spoke to Jesus on that he pointed right to His Father. ~~~~
    I think the creation of man was for God's Glory. So God could make himself be known through a relationship with us. Too bold? If that true, then we Absolutely need God. If thats so, it matters a Great deal, or we will never know who we really are. Dearly Loved and Cherished by our creator.