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Prodigal God V : “The True Elder Brother”

Gathering Church Sermon Podcast | Mark Acuff | Scripture – Psalm 69:1-13, Luke 15



  1. Joe LeBlanc says:

    Mark, nice to hear about you and Libby again and of your continued ministry for the LORD. Dick and Beverly Horton came over tonight and mentioned they had seen you in Hudson at the church ceremony today along with David and Caroline Dean. I wish Kathy and I had been there.
    Its like hearing about one of the Apostles coming to town and you weren’t there to greet him. (Our loss).
    It took me a half hour but I found your church on the internet and will be listening in now and then.
    You and Libby were such a great witness to us and we still are able to draw from those blessings to this day. Just like the early believers did from their encounters with other Christians.I guess I just wanna say “THANK YOU!!!” FOR YOUR continued ministry in HIS service. God bless you! If we are ever in the area, we will drop by and say hi. Our youngest daughter Amanda, just turned 20. She is in Gastonia,N.C. She is alone and struggling to find her place and survive in this world. The last 6 yrs. have been hard due to coke addiction. With prayer and Gods guidance she was able to attend rehab and turn her life around. She is surrounded by unbelievers and has turned back to god for help. She says she has not found the right church yet. Please keep her in your prayers. I will pray for you and your ministry mark, God bless, Love you
    Brother……Joe LeBlanc