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Services Cancelled – Jan 31

Okay, I was skeptical when I got the email from the Durham Public Schools on Friday morning, announcing that all weekend rentals had been canceled.  I thought that such an early cancelation would guarantee no snow.  But, I’m looking out on a beautiful winter scene right now. 

So, the Gathering Church will not gather for a service this Sunday.  Too bad.  I had an incredible, world-changing sermon planned.  I guess Libby will have to hear it.

Spend some special time with God tomorrow, with neighbors, with your family, with friends.  Have someone over.  Read something you’ve wanted to read, but have not had time.  Listen to a sermon on line.  Anyone have a favorite podcast you listen to?  Share it in a comment.  I’ll probably check out Francis Chan at Cornerstone in Simi Valley, Andy Stanley at North Point Community, John Ortberg at Menlo Park, or someone else you might recommend.

Take a deep breath. 

Lower your blood pressure. 

Refresh some meaningful goals.

Enjoy your day!


  1. If you haven't seen the movie, "Amazing Grace", it's a good one. Did you know you can rent movies online using amazon.com or itunes? I'm sure you did, but I just found out a few weeks ago.
    On another note, I miss seeing y'all. It's been 3 weeks…too long!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy Resurrection Pres (Brooklyn, NY): http://resurrectionwilliamsburg.com/resources/sermons/; and Mars Hill (Grand Rapids, MI): http://marshill.org/teaching/.

  3. I shoveled my driveway today. I have the blister to prove it. I dont mean to sound like a princess, but I have Never done that. I actually kindda like outdoor labor, but I am from California. It Never snowed on my driveway there. Interesting indeed. I still cant really use my right thumb that well. I feel SO Much for those who do that every day. My hat off to you!!!
    thanks for the mars hill sermons Chris. Gotta remember to pray for Rob Bell. I really enjoy his writings.