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The Product

As I begin the New Year I’m not the least bit unclear about what the ‘product’ of my life should be.  The outcome.  The result.  If ‘product’ is too much of a business, manufacturing word, too mechanical and non-organic, then think of ‘fruit’ or ‘harvest.’  Those words feel too froo-froo to me this morning.  They may work better for you, but ‘product’ does it for me.

The product?


Praise to God.  That is, someone else thrilled with God, waking up to God’s greatness, hungry for God’s presence and purpose, learning to trust God, being transformed by God.

And God getting love and honor.

The well known words from Jesus about us being salt and light pretty much summarize the practice and product of our lives.

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16

But, here’s the deal, when I think about the product of my life, I either get inspired or discouraged.  I guess better people just get inspired, pumped up, focused, headed towards victory.

But,  you see, it’s easier for me to produce other things, like worry, self-promotion, maybe even cynicism. (Oops – did I just admit that?  Let me take that back.  I’m a 100% conqueror.  No problems here.)

I am inspired, though, inspired to need God.  Inspired to need the Gospel of Christ, inspired to need God’s Spirit at work in my life, inspired to seek God with more urgency and hunger.  Inspired to need others.  Inspired to be real with God, honest, faithful and hopeful.

Then God can produce His product in my life.  Praise.

I hope that you can praise Him right now by thanking Him that you don’t have to pretend to be perfect, even brave as you begin this New Year.  Honest, clear and hopeful.  God can work with those things.