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This Sunday – April 10

I suddenly felt really bad.


I had just read my first anonymous hate-letter.  Somebody was mad at me and thought that my teaching was from the devil.  They had heard that I would be guest speaking at another church in our area and they were upset that I was going to spread my garbage beyond my own church.


It was signed by Gabriel.  I guess the angel, that is.


Most of what I have done as a pastor has brought me affirmation and appreciation.  But, I’m not sure if that is so good.


What Jesus did brought him these opinions:


He’s lost his mind.


He’s possessed.


This Sunday we look at two reactions to Jesus found in Mark 3:20-35.  It is not surprising that the religious leaders are upset with him.  He is totally showing how illegitimate they are.   But, the intensity of their reaction is shocking as well as Jesus’ response.


The real surprise is how his own family reacts to him.  They are the ones who think that he has lost his mind.  They hope to do him a favor by taking him away from all this nonsense that he has created. 


Pretty dramatic stuff.  Their reactions and Jesus’ response to those reactions.


Makes me wonder if we have tamed our view of Jesus.  We see him more like a kind therapist, helping us sort out our challenges.


Have you ever wondered if he was crazy?


You just might this Sunday.