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This Sunday – Aug 1

June 10, 2010.

Not that long ago, right?  School was out, graduations happening, a little over a week before Father’s Day.

52 days. Not long at all.

Long enough for a guy named Nehemiah to get the walls of ancient Jerusalem rebuilt.  What hadn’t been done for over 140 years got done in less than two months!

But, even up to the last few days the whole project was in jeopardy.  Why?  Some pretty major distractions.

This Sunday we find out about those distractions as we look at Nehemiah, chapter 6.  These distractions were nearly irresistible because they were the kind that dealt with the very well-being of Nehemiah.

Has something important in your life ever remained unfinished because after a great start you got distracted?  Sometimes the whole life of a person is built on a distraction, or multiple ones.

Let’s find out together this  Sunday how Nehemiah was able to resist irresistible distractions.