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This Sunday – August 2

August already?  Wow.  Summer is flying by.  This Sunday at The Gathering Church, meeting at United, 1321 MLK., Jr. Blvd in Chapel Hill, at 5:00 pm we will be looking at Psalm 121, a psalm for people traveling to meet with God.  It’s a Psalm based on an expansive view of God.

How we handle the challenges in our lives, as well as the opportunities often depends on how well we know God, on what we think about God.  Not what we say we believe about God, but our gut response to God.  This Psalm has a huge view of God, yet a very intimate view.  Check it out.

I look forward to w seeing you.


  1. As usual…you have an amazing way of bringing reality to scripture and it is always a blessing and I always leave with something to think about. I appreciate the feedback from folks as well on how God is doing things in their lives. Hopefully we can also share those things in our everyday lives to people we run into. Thanks for a refreshing Word tonite.

  2. Great stuff, I love the idea of these Psalms of Ascent being sung communally, like negro spirituals or anthems. Reminds me of a Eugene Peterson book (A Long Obedience in the Same Direction) on discipleship. He notes about where our help come from as we walk with Christ:
    “[The psalm], learned early and sung repeatedly in the walk with Christ, clearly defines conditions under which we live out our discipleship- which, in a word, is God…Faith is not a precarious affair of chance escape from satanic assaults. It is the solid, massive, secure experience of God, who keeps all evil from getting inside us, who guards our life, who guards us even when we leave, and when we return, who guards us now, who guards us always” (45).

    Also, here is, I think, a pretty wild and unorthodox musical take on Psalm 121:
    http://treesclaphands.blogspot.com/2009/08/jamming-aaron-strumpel-elephants.html, as you can see, I get pretty excited about 121.