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This Sunday – Feb 21

I am often amazed at what God has in mind for us.  Even shocked.  Like, “Did I read that right?”

That was my reaction as I prepared to teach this Sunday on 1 Peter 2:4-10.  It’s one of my favorite passages because of its description of what God does in our lives when we “taste” how great Christ is.  (That reference comes from v.3, and is about the best description ever of what it means to become a Christian.)

The passage is mostly about the incredible thing that God is building on the cornerstone of Christ.  But, it makes some statements about how  God, through Christ, has radically changed our identity and our purpose.

So, this Sunday, I’m speaking on, What We Most Need to Know About Our Purpose.

The practical and positive life-change that can occur when we achieve clarity on our identify and purpose is remarkable.  No kidding.  Almost every conversation that I have had with anyone this week has reminded me of the very good things that can happen when we more and more live by our God-given identify and purpose.  It’s also obvious to me that so much of the junk in our life would be dealt death-blows by our pursuit of our identity and purpose.

So, I’m excited!