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This Sunday – Feb 27

I have to admit that it is so dramatic that it is hard to relate to.


Peter, immediately getting out of the boat to answer Jesus’ call to follow  him.  I’m trying to think if I know anyone who did something so disruptive to follow Christ.  I didn’t.


Peter left everything.


Or did he?


This Sunday we will look at Mark 1:20-39, Jesus’ first day of public activity.  And that first day is packed.  John Jay Alvaro will be teaching.  I always learn something fresh about God when John Jay teaches.


But, guess where Jesus did his first healing?  At Peter and Andrew’s home.  Peter’s mother-in-law was sick, so Jesus healed her.


You know what they say is behind every successful husband?


A surprised mother-in-law. 


Peter’s mother-in-law was sure surprised.  Never had a guest like that in the house.  And why was Jesus there?  Because Peter got out of the boat and followed him.


There is an irony in following Christ.  When we follow him, he follows us to the places we live.  It’s more like he leads us back into our places so that those places can experience his love.


I bet you don’t think of it very often – that if you are with Christ, then Christ is with you, wherever you go.  And, best of all?  He gets the opportunity to love whomever you are with.


That shouldn’t make you feel pressured to be all holy and especially spiritual wherever you go.  Remember, all you are doing is following Christ.


I was contacted recently by someone I had not seen in thirty years.  A diagnosis of cancer made the person look for me.  You know why she looked for me?  Because she knew who would be with me.


I’m glad I was following Christ thirty years ago.  Or, rather, that Christ was with me.


Let’s learn about that this week.