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This Sunday – July 11


You will be changed, somehow, some way.

If you read the story of Nehemiah.

If you are open to listening to God while you read it, the world will change in some way as well.

The drama of this individual who dreams to rebuild the ruined walls of Jerusalem in the 5th century BCE is compelling.  In his memoir, for instance, he describes a panic attack.  Ever have one of those?

This Sunday we will join Nehemiah in his encounter with the king of Persia and his trip to Jerusalem, found in chapter 2. You will not forget what you learn in this story.  It will be hard to ever settle for a life that just gets by.  You may have the temperament of Frodo, desiring nothing more than the peace of the Shire, but you will find it hard not to be captured by God’s adventure in this world if you read Nehemiah.

Let’s discover what it means to have the gracious hand of our God upon us, as Nehemiah says.