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This Sunday – July 12 – Astonished

Some of my favorite stories in the Bible are about moments when Jesus is surprised.  (Oops, some of you theological purists might want to argue that the divine, all – knowing side of Jesus does not permit surprise.  Tell him that.)  I especially like the ones where Jesus is happily surprised, where his response is something like, “Now, that’s what I’M talking about!” 

Maybe it wasn’t exactly surprise in Matthew 8:5-13 when a Roman centurion demonstrated a level of faith in Jesus that Jesus had not seen before, but when verse 10 says that Jesus was ‘astonished’, and other translations say that he ‘marveled,’ then something happened worth noticing.

We’re going to talk about this passage on Sunday night, what we learn about faith, and what we learn about the scope of those who might have it.

Wouldn’t you love to astonish Jesus? Wouldn’t you love to be part of an experience where you get to see others astonish Jesus?

Also, we will discuss our plans for the fall, so I hope that you will be there.

PS.  Disc Golf Report:  In our weekly tournament, Chris Breslin tied the course record set by Peyton Crump at +2.  Charlie Roderer had an excellent rookie round, and David Kurtz had a fine showing.  Curt Lowdes may be losing his faith.  And Walt can throw it a mile without trying.


  1. I So Love hearing about you boys and your disc golf. 🙂