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This Sunday – March 13

(Don't forget, move your clock up.)




Do a quick inventory.


Who cares about how you are doing?


Who is absolutely committed to good outcomes for your life?


If this was a contest, and you are a woman – you win.


Most of us guys don’t have time for friends.  Maybe we have some poker buddies, a fishing friend or two, or someone we connect with through a hobby.  And, that’s pretty good.  A lot of us don’t have hobbies.


But, having friends is one of the most important factors in our potential to grow.


This Sunday we will look at a dramatic example of the power of friendship.  In Mark 2:1-12, it’s not the main point.  Jesus is the main point, especially what he reveals about himself.  But, the story hinges on the determination of some friends.


Don’t waste a second feeling guilty about not having friends.  Do something about it.  This Sunday,  you just may meet someone who may become a great friend.