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This Sunday – March 14


Spring forward by moving it up an hour.  Or, we’ll be seeing you at 11:30, which gets you there in time for lunch, but you will miss an incredible sermon.

I’m a careful driver.  If you know me, you know why.  I stay pretty close to the speed limit.  I’ve never been given a ticket.  (Probably get one on the way to church for saying that.)

 Yet, if I pass a police car or see one in my rearview mirror, I immediately think, “Uh, oh, am I doing something wrong?”

What about you?  Do you do a quick check to see if you might be pulled over?  Do authority figures make you feel guilty even if you haven’t done anything wrong?

Your boss wants to see you?

Your kids’ teacher calls and leaves a message that you need to call them?

Your client needs to talk with you ?

Okay, maybe I’m the only one that has a knee-jerk reaction to authority.  But, I don’t think so.

I think most of us can be quickly in touch with a sense of our shortcomings, our inadequacies, our ‘sins.’  We  become aware of a performance gap.  And we either feel guilty about it, or we become driven to overcome it with achievement or control.

This Sunday we will be looking at a passage in the Bible that tells us how we can be free of the results of our mess-ups, 1 John 1:5-2:2.  It’s all about becoming an honest person who doesn’t run from the light, but steps into it.  John says that we can then have a shared life with God and with one another. 

A shared life . . . . . .  Not bad for people who aren’t perfect.  Who don’t even have to pretend to be.


  1. karen.perron@gmail.com says:

    Wow.  Now that Bonnie finally got me on here the right way, so I look at it all the time, I am enjoying the written word from both yourself and Chris.  Good word today.   Ooof. 
    Spent a bunch of hours with brother Tom at WakeMed on Thursday. He's up ON his right leg, w the titanium rod in it, still recovering from Tuesday's left arm rods placement.  No internal injuries.  Moving to rehab unit today.  Thanks, most gratefully, for spiritual support from the body.
    Tom tells me, Mark, that the experience with the word on "unconditional love" is indeed still working in his life and in his heart.   The faithful love of God.  I want to trust more in it more.

  2. karen.perron@gmail.com says:

    Heh-heh.  Trust in it more.  That SHOULD be enough. = )

  3. You mean I am Not the Only one who feels guilty as soon as I see a cop??? Whew! That's kind of a relief. I juts told the woman in my wed night bible study that a good friend asked if me and her could get together to have dinner, '"just the two of us". I Immediately scanned my head for any offense I may have caused her. All the reasons she could be mad at me. Why did I do that? Why was That my first thought? Turns out she Did want to speak with me, and it Was a big deal… but she wasn't mad at me at all, she wanted to confide in me.

    What is it they say, 'The first step is to acknowledge you have a problem.' Well, I am acknowledging it. Cant wait for the sermon.