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This Sunday – March 6

A friend of mine who is not a Christian thinks that church is for lemmings.  Remember those little critters that mindlessly follow the group over a cliff to their death in the sea.  He thinks that people who go to church don’t know how to think for themselves.  They have to let a pastor think for them.  (What a funny concept, in Chapel Hill, of all places.)


Recently, when we were with some other friends and the subject of my church came up, my friend instantly went into a robot imitation.  A little twist on his view.  At least lemmings are alive.


It is surprising that anyone could think that a group having something to do with Jesus could ever be about conformity.   I guess from the outside churches could look like they are trying to put everyone in a certain moral, political, conservative box.


The thing is, what is most striking about Jesus is what a non-conformist he was.  We will see an example of that this Sunday when we see Jesus interact with someone, whom by all standards he had no business talking to.  Mark 1:29-45  (And it wasn’t as easy as you might think.)


What gives someone the confidence to defy the rules?  How can a person be that free?  What can trump our self-conscious, approval-seeking, pressurized way of living?


We get some clues this Sunday.