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This Sunday – May 10

Jake McDowell will be teaching this Sunday at The Gathering Church, 5-7 pm at United Church, 1321 MILK, Jr. Blvd., Chapel Hill.  I’ve known Jake since his freshman year at Holy Cross (which was more than a few years ago), and I am excited that he will be speaking.  Jake and Laci, and their two kids, John and Jacob are a great part of this new venture.  Jake and I had lunch the other day and I got really intrigued by what he is planning to talk about.  Did you know that in Matthew’s account of Jesus’ ministry, twice Jesus quotes the same Old Testament verse, “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.”  The first time happens when he has to explain what a spiritual person like himself is doing at the party of a tax collector, Matthew, his new disciple. (Mat. 9:13)  I’m not going to tell you the second time – that’s what Jake will talk about.   Jake has discerned a great insight about this statement, and you will appreciate what he has to say.  I’ve been thinking about it all week.

Libby and I will not be there.  We will be on our way back from Tallahassee, where our youngest son, Bennett is graduating from law school.  We have not seen him and his wife, Sally, since Thanksgiving, so we can’t wait.  He takes the bar in July and then is supposed to start working for a law firm in Tampa in August.  We are very thankful that in this economy he has a job.  Our other two sons, Jon and Will will be joining us, so we are exacted about this quick celebration and reunion.  Two of  my sons are involved in new church starts, and the other is involved in Northpoint, the megachurch led by Andy Stanley.  They are really proud of their old man for having enough adventure left in him to be doing this new thing.  so, we will share notes, I’m sure.  They have been a great encouragement and constantly call to find out what’s happening.

We will miss you.  It seems like each time we get together something good happens.  It’s great getting to know each other and welcoming others.  Libby and I are on the edge of our seats, watching to see what God is doing. 

So, don’t miss Sunday night.  Have a great time!  Welcome others and enjoy!