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This Sunday – May 2

I’ve never said what I’m going to say this Sunday. 

I don’t want to give it away and writing about it can’t really express it as well.  But, it has something to do with getting free from the kind of self-audits that keep us trapped in a performance mindset.  It has the potential to disarm the self-accusations that can keep us so insecure.

I was innocently minding my own business, working on a sermon about beginnings in spiritual life and baptism.  I was curious as to why baptism was such a big deal to the first Christians.  Sure, all churches baptize and tons of people have been baptized, whether they are now religious or not.  But, the first followers of  Christ made it a big deal.

So, while studying Romans 6:1-14 I saw something I had never seen before, and that I had never heard anyone talk about.  It felt kind of original, which is usually a dangerous thing in biblical studies.  Most of the time the reason you have never heard something before out of the Bible is that it is not there in the first place or is a wrong interpretation of what is there.  So, unless you’re starting your own cult you move on to something more familiar and tested.  (I don’t know, what would you think about The Church of the Gathering Glee?)

But, what I’m eager to share is there and I don’t think that it is wrong.  You can check it out when you hear it.

A hint:  it has something to do with what Paul says about being “alive to Go.”  I really like that phrase.

Can’t wait until this Sunday.


  1. well Geeze, now nether can I!

  2. I’m super bummed that I’ll be missing it!

  3. Betsy Rorie Leonard says:

    I just listened to your Easter Sunday message about being “grumpy in public”…boy, did I see myself! Thanks, Mark!