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This Sunday – May 31

This Sunday I will begin a sermon series on Knowing the Heart of Christ.  Nothing prepares us better to serve God and others than understanding the passions and motivations of Jesus.  Also, we really do want the trnasformation that takes place in our own lives as we come closer to Christ.  We will start by looking at a pre-ministry experience he had when he was alone in the wilderness and was tempted, Matthew 4:1-11.  In this passage we will discover his First Obsession.

Last Sunday night, even though a bunch of us were gone for the holiday, we had a great group and very engaging interaction.  I am always surprised how quickly some new folks speak up, which shows how welcome they feel – and they usually have great things to say.  And the potluck dinner caps it off in a great way.  One thing I can say about this group – it’s fun to be together.

For those of you who read the blog and live outside of this area, thanks for your encouragement and interest.  It’s good to be part of a wide community of people who want to grow in honest and fresh ways.