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This Sunday | Nov 21

Overflowing with thankfulness.


That’s how the apostle Paul describes the Christian life. Pretty neat considering his background. A perfectionist-religious guy guilty of murder. Thankfulness is not a characteristic we would tend to associate with such a person.


The pressure of being perfect has never made anyone thankful. Just stressed.


The guilt of failing always trumps the potential to be thankful. Shame always wins.


So, what happened to Paul? What made a glad heart not just possible from time to time, but normal?


This Sunday we will look at Colossians 2:6-12.


Four things you won’t have to do this Sunday.

  1. Feel guilty about not being thankful enough.
  2. Try harder.
  3. Plan a new aggressive thankfulness regimen.
  4. Leave disappointed because you know it won’t really work.


Also, this Sunday, we will have a Child Dedication as part of our pre-Thanksgiving Service. Several families will be dedicating their children to God and to the care of our church family. Your welcome and celebration with them is huge.


It’s going to be a good day – a great way to begin the holiday season.