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This Sunday | Oct 24

Coming home.

What does the word “homecoming” conjure up for you?

If your closer to high school, it probably means sweaty palms and corsages (or just going stag), disco balls and chaperones.

In college it means, scheduling your weakest opponent and getting together with other alumni to relive the glory days. (Editor’s note: UNC football has been scheduled for at least two opponents’ Homecoming games in the 2010 season.  Just saying.)

In many churches it means reassembling folks that were around since the beginning.  Remembering.  Laughing.  Being thankful.  Partying.

This week, as Mark heads up to Boston for a homecoming of sorts (Grace Baptist’s 25th anniversary!), I’ll lead us in our continued exploration of the parable of the “Two Lost Sons” in Luke 15.  Particularly, we’ll focus on the homecoming: what it meant in the Jewish imagination to “come home,” and what home means for us.