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This Sunday – Sept 12

I'm excited to meet tomorrow to worship together and finish up our mini-series some Gathering Church essentials:

  • Being Present to God
  • Being Connected to Each Other
  • Being Engaged in Serving the World

We'll build on the previous two weeks, exploring just why and how we can be sent on this mission into the world.


Also on the docket- Blessing the Books:

God has blessed our church and the wider community we live in with a great culture of learning.  We will celebrate this and ask God's blessing on this new season tomorrow by asking everyone starting school (of any type: Pre-K-PhD; teacher, helper, student, parent, TA…) to bring a significant item such as a syllabus, textbook, pen, laptop, etc.  Together we'll place them before God as an act of surrender and trust for what's coming.

If you're not in school, don't worry, you have a job in this too, maybe the most important one.  It is your job to be a pray-er and supporter of these folks.  To encourage and hold them up, not just tomorrow but throughout the school-year.

I look forward to seeing everyone and learning, praying, and praising God in community with you all.