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This Sunday – Sept 20

In a few weeks we hope to be able to launch Sunday morning services. Details are still being worked out for a possible place, so it’s premature to announce a schedule. But, it is a perfect time to begin taking next steps to prepare ourselves as ‘church planters.’

If we were to plant a church in another country we would be very deliberate about how we did it. We would automatically take on the attitude and perspective of ‘missionaries.’ Actually, the word, ‘missionary,’ these days may not evoke the most positive sentiment, suggesting someone who attempts to impose their own beliefs and culture on some unsuspecting people who have no desire or interest in whatever the outsider is representing. But, if we consider Jesus as the best example of someone who made his life about the needs of others – then we are getting to the right perspective. Also, when we consider some of the first people Jesus appointed to ‘go’, like the apostle Paul we begin to see a pattern.

So, this Sunday we will be looking at Romans 1:1-17, a powerful description of Paul’s sense of call, in which he says some important things about ‘the gospel.’

Picnic: We will also have a picnic at Homestead Park, next door to United, immediately following our service. Bring some sandwiches or a side to share. We will supply the drinks and desserts.