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This Sunday – Sept 27

I am excited about beginning a three-week series on, “Connecting the Dots: Hopes that Look Like Idols, but Point to God,” from Acts 17:16-34. This passage describes the apostle Paul’s experience in the great city of Athens. How in the world could the message of Christ be at all relevant in such a city of learning and philosophy?

We are trying to connect the dots in our community, by understanding the hopes and needs of those who live here. Paul says to the Athenians, “I see that you are . . . . “ What do we see that people are in Chapel Hill and Durham? And how does God relate to what we see?

I can’t wait to hear some of the insights that our group will have about some of these matters.

Potluck in the Park: Bring something to share in a picnic following the service, at Umstead Park, down the road from United. We will be joining the monthly picnic held there that is open to the community.