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This Sunday – Will Acuff

Honest people are dangerous. 

At least that’s been my experience. 

They don’t need your approval enough to keep them safe. 

That’s why I’m excited that Will Acuff will be speaking this Sunday at the Gathering Church.  Oh, yes, he is our son, but more importantly, he’s an honest person.

He will be speaking onsomething about which we need to be honest – forgiveness.  Not so much how to receive it, but how to give it.  Jesus tells a dramatic story about giving forgiveness in Matthew 18:23-35.  Some debts we might not even know that we are holding just might get cancelled.

Will and his wife, Tiffany live in East Nashville, TN where they are leaders in City Church of East Nashville.  They have made their home in a challenging, low-income area where they seek to express the kingdom of God and the compassion of Christ.  Will has just begun training to become a church planter in that urban setting. 

I’m excited that you will get to heaar Will .  If you have a friend who has dismissed Christianity because it is so predictable – invite them.  They will be glad that you did.