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This Sunday with Susan McSwain from Reality Ministries!

Join us this Sunday as we host Susan McSwain, Executive Director of Reality Ministries. She’ll be sharing from Luke 8:26-39. Reality Ministries is one of our oldest partner ministries and has been a real source of joy and friendship for so many in our congregation and in the local community. Anyone that has been around that place for even an afternoon can’t help but feel the love of Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Reality Ministries has graced us with great nights such as their yearly talent show and Kings and Queens dance. We’ve benefitted from Amy and Mark’s impromptu Christmas Carol duet a couple of years ago. More recently we celebrated a very special Good Friday at their facility. We look forward to welcoming them and sharing our time of worship and a potluck fellowship meal.

For some closer looks at Reality check out this video (made by our very own Phil and MacKenzie Henry!):

Reality Ministries King and Queen’s Dance from Inkspot Crow Films on Vimeo.